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My Year in Books Part 3

For some reason I feel like my reading has slowed down a little lately but hopefully as we head in to summer I'll be back on track.

My Sweet Revenge - Jane Fallon
Jane Fallon is a new author to me and this is the first of her works I've read.  It's the story of Paula who decides after finding out her husband is cheating on her to make him fall back in love with her so that she can then break his heart.

I liked Paula, she was fun relatable and strong in ways which at first were not obvious.  Her journey is one of rediscovery of herself, what she wants in life and how to live it.

This is a fun frolic with a few twists and turns to keep you going till the end.

Agatha Raisin and the Curious Curate - MC Beaton
I like Agatha she's and fun, she's a strong flawed woman who stumbles in to cases and while she can figure out a murder she can't figure out her love life for toffee.

Although she's sworn off men, again, she is enraptured when the new curate invites her…

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